Although this term is familiar to most people, few can give it a precise definition. Essentially, a consumer loan is any loan given to the borrower’s needs. Of course, everyone’s requests are different, so loans are classified into different categories. See for further editorial

  • By type of lender, banks, micro-credit online and offline companies, including pawnshops.
  • By security type – without collateral or with collateral / guarantee. For example, pawned on equipment or valuables at a pawnshop is a secured loan.
  • Short-term and long-term – as a rule, the shorter the borrowing time, the higher the interest rate.
  • Target and non-targeted – provided for a specific need (purchase of an apartment or other specific goods and services) or vice versa, without specifying the purpose (the borrower may spend the money at his own discretion).

It should be noted at once that long-term consumer credit, guarantee, pledge and for specific purposes are provided mainly by banks. But if you are looking for a small amount for everyday needs like, say, a couple of thousand hryvnias to pay, it is best to contact an MFI (microfinance organization).

Where to get a consumer loan without paperwork?

Where to get a consumer loan without paperwork?

We have already got acquainted with the types of loans, the next stage is to determine the amount, term and purpose of crediting. Unless you are planning on big expenses such as buying a home or a car, it is easiest to apply for a microcredit. The amount of several tens of thousands of hryvnias at the first call is not worth calculating, but up to 4-5 thousand you can get without problems.

Such loans are provided by the aforementioned MFIs: pawnshops, online and offline services. Perhaps the most profitable lender in Ukraine will be the Internet company, Money, which offers not just low interest rates on consumer credit, but a negative daily rate within the campaign.

That is, your debt will gradually decrease and at the end of the term you will need to pay less. There are other companies that provide loans on special terms. You can find them on special sites, just enter in “credit comparison online”.

How to get a consumer credit card?

How to get a consumer credit card?

The list of requirements in online companies is minimal, allowing you to get financial help from almost anyone. Consumer loan of 18 years is issued if available:

  1. passports;
  2. identification code (IDN);
  3. mobile numbers;
  4. bank card.

In particular, you only need to connect to the Web and spend about 15 minutes of your free time. Moreover, in the case of repeated calls to the same company, the loan amount increases, and the time of transferring money to the card is reduced to a few minutes.

It should be remembered that such an airbag will only work if you take responsibility for your obligations and return the money on time. If you are confident in your solvency, just choose a company with a solid reputation – within half an hour you will forget about your financial difficulties.

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