Useful tips about loans and bkr

Useful tips about loans and bkr

with many answers to questions about loans, credit, mini-loan, BKR, lowest interest, standing in red, hire-purchase, loan merging and business loans.

What is a personal loan?
  One borrows an amount once and pays the amount per month in equal installments. Personal loans are often provided for a renovation, boat, caravan or as a car loan.

– What is a revolving credit?
The big advantage of a revolving credit is that repaid amounts can be withdrawn again. This means there is always the possibility to transfer money quickly to your own checking account. More information on revolving credit

– What is a mini loan?
A mini loan is a loan between 100 and 800 euros. Ordinary banks only borrow from 2500 euros. The credit institutions that provide mini-loans can transfer the money the same day. A request can be made via the mobile or via the website. The mini loan must usually be paid in full within 1 month (including service costs).

– I am a freelancer. Can I borrow money?
Self-employed entrepreneurs and self-employed persons without employees can be eligible for a business loan of € 1,000 to € 100,000. The application process is completely online and a decision will be made within a few minutes to determine whether you are eligible for a loan. The lender mainly looks at current business performance and is less focused on past credit scores.

– How much interest do I pay?
That depends on how high the loan is and with which lender you are. High loans up to 75,000 euros pay the lowest interest; For smaller loans (2500 euros) more interest is charged. Comparing saves a lot of money.

– What does the BKR do?
Companies that provide credit to consumers are required to consult the Credit Registration Office (BKR). The BKR has a large database with information about loans that banks and mail order companies have provided. Mortgages are not mentioned, but only if one has a backlog of 3 months. Student debt is also not mentioned in the BKR. The situation has changed for telephone subscriptions. In 2014, the Supreme Court ruled that a telephone subscription is an installment purchase. The minister adopted this opinion in the summer of 2015. From now on, more expensive smartphones are seen as a loan.

– Who decides that I will receive the loan: the bank or the BKR?
The bank determines whether you will receive a loan. The bank can see how large your total debt is in the files of the BKR. The bank then assesses whether new loans are justified.

– Borrow money with BKR
The Credit Registration Office (BKR) registers any credit that exceeds 500 euros. People who are in arrears receive a negative BKR listing. There are various codes to indicate that there is a problem with a credit. It depends on the code whether borrowing money with bkr is possible.

– What is an installment loan?
These are loans where you agree with the lender to pay off periodically. Usually this is a fixed monthly amount.

– How much do I have to pay back per month?
This depends on what credit you have and how much you have borrowed. With a revolving credit of 2500 you pay from € 45 per month. With 5000 euros, the monthly amount is from 100 euros. You can also choose to pay faster by choosing a larger repayment.

– What happens if I can no longer pay back?
Then it is wise to start a conversation with the bank to see if there are other options. Perhaps you can pay back over a longer period. Avoid stopping paying loans: the debt should not grow out of control.

– Why do I have to open a checking account to get a loan?
The bank wants to be sure that you have a fixed income to pay off the loan.

– What is a WOZ credit?
This is a kind of revolving credit if your home is worth more money than the mortgage. The surplus value of the house can be used for a renovation but also as extra spending money.

– How much can I borrow as a student? A new student finance system was introduced on 1 September 2015. Under the new system, new students no longer receive a basic grant and / or an additional loan, but must now borrow the entire amount. In addition to their loan, they receive a college loan.

– How much can I borrow?

- How much can I borrow?

This depends on your income and personal situation. Are you married, single, do you have a family ?. A-cheap intermediary where you can borrow cheaply and reliably is A-Krediet. People with temporary employment and self-employed persons can also apply for a loan under certain conditions. An application for business credit (€ 1,000 to € 100,000) is processed online. Within a few minutes there will be a result as to whether you are eligible for a business credit.

– How long do I have to pay off?
That depends on how quickly you pay back and how large the loan is. With a small loan you can repay € 45 per month.
With large loans, at least 1% per month must be repaid. Of course you are free to make larger repayments than you can get rid of the loan faster. [/ Fusion_text] [fusion_text] – How much do I have to earn for a loan?
A family with children and a breadwinner in the family must earn more than someone who is single. Generally, people must have a fixed income, but it varies according to the situation.

– What are green loans?
A green loan is a credit for an efficient car or solar panels. Sustainable loans have a favorable interest rate. It quickly saves a few percent with a regular loan.

– What is rental purchase?
With a lease purchase you rent a durable good for a certain period. When this period ends, the property is definitely yours and you are the owner. Car dealers often work with hire-purchase credits. If you buy things at a mail order company you are the direct owner of the goods. More information about the advantages and disadvantages of this credit on hire-purchase.

– How much can I be in the red?
The limit of being in the red is mainly determined by the amount of the salary that is paid into the payment account. It is charged between 8% -15% interest.

– Why has my credit application been refused?
This can have various reasons. The two main reasons are that the income is not high enough or people have a negative BKR. Even though payment arrears or debts have been eliminated; a given negative rating remains visible for lenders and banks for 5 years. The chance of getting a new loan or mortgage is then considerably reduced. A temporary alternative can be 1000 euros.

– What is the lowest interest rate?
The lowest interest rate depends on the type of loan, how large the loan amount is and the lender. With the large banks, the loans are usually a lot more expensive than with the smaller financial institutions.

– I want a loan
To be eligible for a loan, you must usually have a job. This may also be a temporary job where the employer submits a declaration of intent. There are also possibilities for people on benefits. 

– I have an SME company. What are my options?
SMEs can fall back on some schemes if the bank does not provide credit. This could include the Small and Medium Business Guarantee, microfinance and business credit with an online lender for small and medium-sized businesses. 

– senior citizen’s loan Elderly people can get a senior citizen’s loan under certain conditions. Above 75 it becomes very difficult but between 60 and 74 there are various possibilities for seniors to borrow money.

– Merge loans
Combining all sorts of loans and putting them together in a joint new loan can save a lot of money. Red, credit card debts and mail order debts charge high interest rates. A cheap (joint) loan from an intermediary is considerably cheaper. Moreover, with a loan merging only one monthly charge.

– Am I eligible for a (prepaid) credit card?
When applying for a credit card, the bank will check your creditworthiness. In general, one must have a job and not a negative bkr. A prepaid credit card, on the other hand, is available to everyone. You should only be able to show an ID card when you request a prepaid card. The disadvantage of the prepaid credit card is the high costs for withdrawing the prepaid credit.

– What happens if I die and the loan has not been repaid?
If you are married, not yet 70 years old and you have had the loan for more than 6 months: the loan usually does not have to be paid back. The death must be reported to the bank within 3 months. Payment arrears must be reimbursed.

– Is there an appointment with an advisor?
No, a loan application can be made online. If the application is approved, the bank will send you a quote. You sign this quote and send it back.

– Can I get a loan in my name if I am married?
If you are married on marital conditions (not a community of property) then you can only apply for a loan.
The bank will ask for proof of this. If you are married in a community of property and you only want to borrow money, then the partner must agree.

– What is IBAN number calculation? The IBAN number has replaced the old bank account number. Since 1 August 2014, an IBAN number is also required for domestic payments. There are special tools on the internet that convert the old numbers to the new number. However, this is not without risk.

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