Italian language families have returned in order to ask for car financing, to get smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, appliances, home furnishings and vacation: in fact, in a year, the financial loans given by the banks possess undergone a surge using the growth of 20 billion dollars euros.

Development linked above all to the credit sector, which rose simply by € 21. 7 billion dollars ( + 35% ), while personal loans (-2. 49% ) are still down simply by € 4 billion, people who ask for no specific objective.

According to the evaluation of the Unimpresa Study Middle

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The situation in the financial loans sector is not completely positive: in the face of new requests for cash in the bank, many households are unable to repay the old problems regularly and have accumulated more than 37 billion of money owed of Euro. Similarly, the business enterprise picture remains negative, along with with loans falling by € 21 billion and the just positive note given by medium-term loans, which grew simply by over € 16 billion dollars (+ 12%).

Overall, in the last 12 months the particular financing of institutions towards the private sector has continued to be stable, but the suffering that will now amount to nearly 197 billion has grown, as well as the largest portion of loans which are not regularly repaid in order to credit institutions is exactly that of businesses with 139 billion.

Financial loans to households rose simply by € 20. 2 billion dollars, from € 598. nine billion to € 619. 1 billion (+ 3 or more. 38%)

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The Italians took advantage of the financial picture, slightly recovering, to come back to spending almost like the particular pre-crisis levels, thanks and also to the many financial products, such as financial loans without pay, which permits access to credit even if the scenario personal and family is just not entirely stable.

At the same time, however, there is the query of unpaid loan payments: as we said earlier, the particular slice of bad debts in relation to households rose from thirty-five. 1 billion to thirty-seven. 3 billion (+ six. 39%) uphill of a second . 2 billion, while to a family event businesses there was an increase associated with 437 million: from fifteen. 4 billion to fifteen. 8 billion (+ second . 83%). Far too many to trigger concern.

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