The right to a fair trial and just verdict is one of the most important justices provided by the U.S. Constitution. However, there are many factors that can influence your trial in Louisville and negatively affect the final verdict. If the trial was unfair, the final verdict was incorrect, or the sentence was excessive for the situation, then you have the right to appeal the case. Contact our Louisville Federal appeal attorneys at (888) 233-8895 to schedule your free initial consultation.

Louisville Appeal Attorneys

We not only offer legal representation at the appellate courts but also consultancy service to individuals, companies and other law firms. Over the past few years, the number of people seeking our services in Louisville has risen beyond imagination. All of them are attracted to us because of the high rate at which we win civil and criminal appeal cases. Nobody can deny that we are extremely hard working litigators and are licensed in all the appellate courts of the United States. With a strong and devoted legal team such as that at Brownstone, you can be acquitted, granted new trial or have your sentence reduced.

In the many years that our Louisville federal appeal lawyers have been practicing law, we have managed to vacate conviction, obtain a new trial or have reduced sentences for the clients. We have also successfully represented convicted felons in pardons and clemency proceedings.

Working with an experienced Louisville, Kentucky appellate lawyer is one of the most important factors in having your case appealed. Because your constitutional rights and reputation are at stake, it’s vital to work with a appeal attorneys that can best handle your case. Our dedication to appellate law at both the state and federal level makes our appeal attorneys some of the very respected in their field.

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